Spa- Charlotte Moissanite Bridal Set with Phil Titanium Male Band

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Spa – Charlotte Moissanite Engagement Ring: A Shimmering Symbol

Elegance in Every Facet

At the heart of this bridal set, the Spa-Charlotte Moissanite engagement ring boasts a brilliant Spa-Charlotte Moissanite. Its captivating beauty and radiance are more than skin deep.

Ethical Radiance

This ring doesn’t just dazzle; it dazzles with a conscience. The Spa – Charlotte Moissanite mirrors the allure of natural diamonds while championing eco-friendliness. It’s more than a gem; it’s an ethical choice.

Phil Titanium Male Band: A Modern Oath

Crafted for Today’s Love Stories

The matching Phil Titanium male band is designed to harmonize with the Spa-Charlotte Moissanite engagement ring. Precision-crafted from Phil Titanium, it not only exemplifies contemporary aesthetics but also offers unwavering durability.

Comfortable Commitment

This band isn’t just a piece of metal; it’s a comfort symbol. Designed for everyday wear, it’s a representation of love that you can proudly carry with ease, wherever life takes you.


925 Sterling Silver








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