Isla – Blossom Moissanite Bridal Set with Crisp Titanium Male Band

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Isla – Blossom Moissanite Engagement Ring: A Shimmering Promise

Centerpiece Brilliance

At the heart of this bridal set lies the stunning Isla-Blossom Moissanite. Its brilliance and fire make it a radiant symbol of your love. This gem isn’t just beautiful; it’s ethically sourced and lab-created, aligning style with responsibility.

Symbol of Forever

The Isla-Blossom Moissanite engagement ring isn’t just a piece of jewelry; it’s a promise of eternity. With each glance, it serves as a reminder of the love and commitment you share.

Crisp Titanium Male Band: A Contemporary Choice

Contemporary Design

The matching Crisp Titanium male band complements the Isla-Blossom Moissanite engagement ring. Crafted with crisp titanium, it’s known for its modern appeal and durability. Its sleek design is perfect for the modern couple.

Comfort Fit

The Crisp Titanium band is more than a symbol; it’s a piece of comfort. With its comfortable fit, it’s designed for everyday wear, making it a constant reminder of your commitment without compromise.

Bridal Set

6, 7, 9

Male Band

8, 9, 10


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